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Arizer ArGo

Festival vape for sure od Noah

This is definitely one of the best! It is a bit on the expensive side but consider it a necessary investment! You will not regret the purchase, trust me, especially if you are looking for vaporizers that are portable and will give you flavorful vapors. Throughout my use, I have discovered the the ArGo is low maintenance so I didn’t need to put in much effort to clean the device. Occasionally cleaning the mouthpiece will do to keep the ArGo clean. This is also the perfect product for me because of the rechargeable battery function which allows me to continue vaping sessions by just replacing the used battery cell with a new one. This is a must-have for vape users who are always on the go like me.

Airvape X

No complaints od First timer

Okay here are the things I like about this vape: 1. It is easy to use especially with the magnetic mouthpiece. So easy to clean and load. Perfect for lazy bums like me. 2. I looooove its design. It’s sleek. It’s classy. It’s very portable. Everything in my aesthetics checklist. 3. Definitely the precision control is a plus for me. It’s definitely worth your money. Would highly recommend this to first time vape users. Thank you for the smooth transaction and speedy delivery!

Airvape X

Fantastic! od The Couch Potato

My AirVape just got delivered and I love it! It’s sooooo good. I love it because: 1) great great flavour. 2) Haptic feedback let’s my lazy ass know if it’s ready to use. 3) Super easy to use which is really convenient for my dry herbs. 4) Good clouds. I actual prefer this over my airizer xs because it’s a bit bigger and it’s just a personal preference I guess. The only downside is that the batteries cannot be replaced. Too bad but overall, it’s a pretty sick vape.

Airvape X

Nice od Bob K.

Okayyyyy. I just want you guys to know that this device is really neat. The mouthpiece is magnetic. Which means cleaning it is a breeze. Loading it doesn’t take much. It’s so easy and convenient to use. Not to mention the classic design is pretty neat and portable. I have no regrets buying this model. Good reviews about the airvape x led me to choosing the airvape xs by the way. 4.20 out of 5 stars. Would recommend this to my brother!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Simple and smooth od Stubben

People have been raving about apps that help with the custom control of portable vapes, but I prefer vapes without it. Tried one with an optional app that you can connect via bluetooth and LOL, didn’t work or just made the device go crazy. Loved that the FocusVape Pro didn’t go with the usual hype and stuck with something simple, basic, easy and useful. It is very easy to use and has a screen display that gives you all info you need. Also has a few features that helps you save battery or lets you know you need to start charging. For me, flawless device! Simple but modern at the same time.

Airvape X

High effect!!! od Mr Stone

My friend has the airvape xs and I he loved it so much that it intrigued me to buy my own. I opted to buy the new airvape x because I wanted the model to be a bit bigger because it fits my hand better. You know what they say about a man with big hands... he’d want a slightly bigger vape ;) haha. And Airvape xs did not disappoint. The haptic feedback is also a very good plus to this device on top of the vape production which I like. Thank you for delivering it promptly! Good service!

Airvape X

My travel buddy od Snoop Dag

I loved everything about this vape except for the batteries. But aside from that, I love the design. It’s nice and classy and although it’s bigger than the airvape xs, it’s still very portable which is something I really like because I love to travel a loooot. And I bring this with me but yeah again, the batteries. I can’t change them. But the good tasty vape clouds it produces makes me forget about this. Haha. I really like this device. I would give it 4/5.

Arizer ArGo

Magical like all Arizers od I own too many vapes

This is like the small brother of Air 2 and Solo 2, so the Arizer ArGo is perfect for vape users who are always on the go. It is easy to use and has an impressive interface. Everything that is built-in in the ArGo is definitely portable friendly. It scores high in convenience, battery life, portability, accurate temperature control, and design. To use, I just drop the herb to fill it up and put it into the vaporizer. It is really that simple. The same goes with the battery. If you run out, you can simply swap it with a charged one and you can continue vaping. Arizer really just gets what we need!

Airvape X

^-^, od 0ax12

This is my first "vape" and I have to say that after doing a lot of research I picked a winner. Although I've only used it a few times I like the way it feels in my hand, the vaping power and the mouthpiece (ceramic.) Also, I really like the design it’s very classy and looks expensive.... which is also one of the plus side to this vape. It produces good vapor quality and I didn’t even have to break the bank! Yeah, I meant it’s not that expensive but good quality vape still!

Plenty Vaporizer

Superior German quality od Hans

My favorite among the vaporizers I owned. I trust Storz and Bickel products because they are always built to last. Also gives me more confidence since the product is made Germany so I feel that it is really durable and will stay with me for a long time. Also owned a mighty but now consider the plenty to be my favorite. It is easy to fill and I do not use as much herbs in a cycle like the other vaporizers I owned. It is easy to use. Definitely a good investment because it is very smooth and gives me great hits. You will not regret buying this unit.

Arizer ArGo

Expensive but worth od Miller

For vape users looking for a vaporizer with a smooth and tasty vapor, and is highly portable, then the ArGo is for you. I have been an Arizer fan for a long time, so jumping in to buy the ArGo was an easy decision. I have no regrets. For me, this is a great choice from a company that I already trust and has provided me with a solid warrant and consistent satisfactory performance in the past. It is a bit on the expensive side, but quality products do come with a price. In the long run, the ArGo is the economical choice given you won’t have to replace it every now and then, unlike cheap models out there. This product is built to last and is very durable!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Ceramic heating power! Skip the coils!! od Pro

The best feature of the FocusVape Pro is its ceramic heating chamber. Totally affects the quality of the vapor and makes it more flavorful. Chamber is also quite large so you can squeeze it a good amount of herbs there. The device is also very easy to use and the LED display shows all the relevant information you need. Also has very good and accurate temp control. Factory preset is 190 Celsius but can go up to 240, depending on which you prefer. The replaceable battery is also quite useful and makes this vape all the more convenient and portable. Do yourself a favor and buy this!

Airvape X

Four od iycker

I don't have a great deal of experience with vape devices, and have only had this one for a few days, but I've noticed a few details that might be worth a comment. I mainly wanted: * something that could vape straight from bud, * good temperature control, for better, healthier herb uptake, * reliable, durable construction, * compact, convenient portability, * decent battery life, * form-follows-function aesthetic design would be nice, * sub-exorbitant price. The Airvape X meets most of those requirements quite well, so I'm happy with it so far. It's a beautiful device. However, it could still be improved. Especially the batteries. Still a good vape overall.

Arizer ArGo

Exceptional od Bobbositus

The ArGo really exceeds expectations. It just keeps adding function that I didn’t know I would totally appreciate and would come in handy. For example, the ArGo has a button located at the back that extends at the top to protect the mouthpiece. It helps lessen the maintenance and cleaning that I need to do to ensure that my vaporizer remains in top shape. So far, I have no complaints. The temperature control is accurate and there are many different options I can use to customize the settings. I think these innovations is what sets ArGo apart from other vaporizers. It really is a powerful device that comes with convenience.

Arizer ArGo

More satisfying than ice cream on a hot summer day od Tess

The ArGo is very easy to use and has an amazing custom session setting that helps me get more out of my vaping session! This product makes vaping much more enjoyable, especially with smooth, cool and vapor quality that is excellent. The glass mouthpiece that has become the trademark of Arizer products helps produce vapor that is crisp and cool throughout the session. This means that vapor quality does not deteriorate despite prolonged use. The materials used also ensure that the flavor of the herb is unaffected. It is a wonder how they were able to compress this into a tight, compact and reliable product! Truly an amazing investment that will leave you satisfied!

Airvape X

Hej och hå så det går od Clam

First, I’d like to thank you for the smooth transaction. Your customer service was very accommodating. Thank you! Second, my purchase was definitely worth every cent. I have been saving up for to buy my own vape and I’ve heard good reviews about airvape xs and I wanted to buy my own but this time, the airvape x. Although it’s bigger than the airvape xs, it is still very portable. Very good vape quality. Would recommend this to a friend.

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Smooth experience od Eardive

This portable vaporizer is lit! It has a beautiful and smart design, a replaceable battery with decent life (3200 mA) and it feels just right in your hands. I love my grip in its casing, using the silica gel was a good decision from its makers. Vapor quality is also very pure and smooth. The ceramic gold tipped chamber and glass mouthpiece makes sure that vapor is good and no contaminants get through. Many of the vaporizers I owned had a distinct taste of plastic, which is not very good. The FocusVape Pro S doesn’t have any of that. This is one of the best portable vaporizers IMHO.

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Perfect od Indigo Black

Glass mouthpiece and ceramic chamber helps produce very smooth and super vapor quality. No metallic or plastic taste that you get from cheap vapes. You can use the FocusVape with full airflow if you want voluminous, big clouds, or you can adjust it if you do not prefer that. The materials used in this pen vape makes this unit look and feel like a solid and quality product. It really is! This device is smart too! I love its haptic feedback and memory feature which gets the device automatically at the temperature you always use. Very easy to use and feels perfect in my hands. FIve stars out of five!

Airvape X

Cool beans od Emma

Hello! So for the first time, I decided to buy something online. And this vape did not disappoint me. It has a ceramic chamber and has a sleek design. I love it! It is very portable and the vape it produces is really good. The vapor it delivers is pretty tasty. Thank you so much for my first online shopping experience! Shout out to the support who guided me through my purchase. Delivery time was spot on. Thank you!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

OK for the price od Leif

The one thing I always consider when buying a portable vape is its battery life. So thank goodness for replaceable batteries. FocusVape not only offers replaceable batteries, but also a decent battery life. Usually get to do three sessions before the battery dies out, then I just conveniently replace it with the spare one I have. This convenience is really good, one that every portable vape should start incorporating into its over-all design. The FocusVape also has about 5 minutes before it automatically shuts off, something I can live with. The previous vape I used shuts off in just about a minute, which was quite annoying. So this is a good improvement from the previous ones I’ve owned.

Arizer ArGo

My dry herb favorite od Vape counesseiur

So far, this smallest product from Arizer comes in with a good fighting stance against its bigger, more established big brothers. The Arizer ArGo gives other products a run for their money, especially in terms of performance and vapor quality. This product is for anyone who enjoys dry herb and are always on the go. Its portability and battery life is among its top functions, with a replaceable battery function and USB charging features. It is a high quality product that will leave you with no regrets. I am very much impressed with ArGo and have recommended it highly to family and friends.

Plenty Vaporizer

5 outta 5 od Looper

The Plenty is a knockout! The build and design is very good and you know it is very sturdy and is built to last. Gives me great vapor, just like when smoking. Has 7 pre-set temperatures, just find the one most suitable for you. I usually go for the highest temp and I get awesome, consistent results. Also very efficient because doesn’t use as much herbs per cycle so saves me money. I wanted something for a solo set-up and the plenty is just perfect. Really efficient and throughout vaping sessions, vapor remains cool and pleasant. This really knocks competitors out. Easy 5 for me!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

almost perfect od Raspberry Nina

LED display is awesome, but sometimes gets a bit difficult to read when I’m out vaping and the sun is shining very bright. Unlike cellphones where you can increase brightness levels easily, this isn’t a normal feature for portable vapes yet. Alas! The FocusVape pro has found an ingenious solution… vibration! Haha. No kidding, the haptic feedback lets you know when you are ready to draw so you don’t need to keep looking at the screen or stare at the screen so much. I think this is really cool. Makes me love the FocusVape pro more!

Airvape X

almost full score od June

Airvape X build quality is good. The exterior finish is excellent. I like the design which is reminiscent of a retro iPod or Motorola phone. It makes me nostalgic while I enjoy the good tasty vape it produces. I also like the magnetic mouthpiece. Makes everything easier. The cleaning and loading is easy and doesn't take time and effort. A bonus for me. The only downside to this is that I can't change the batt. Still a solid 4/5 tho.

Arizer ArGo

Canadian power od Brunte

Having been a fan of products from Arizer, the Arizer ArGo is another excellent upgrade. I usually hold Arizer products to a high regard an I’m not disappointed. I used the Arizer Air before I upgraded to ArGo and just like before, I’m very happy with their purchase. This is really a company that knows how to improve the design and functions of their products along the way. The battery status, customizable options, and the new USB charging feature makes ArGo among the best vaporizers in the market today. I am highly recommending this, and all products from Arizer! I’m a fan!

Arizer ArGo

Impressive machinery od Megatron

With great flavor, superb vapor quality, wide open airflow, an easy interface and portability to boot, the ArGo puts its competitors a run for their money. For anyone who is constantly on the road like me, this is an amazing upgrade that suits well with my lifestyle. The battery itself and run time have improvements that allow me to use the product more, and I have accessible options should I need to charge it. I can also just change the battery if I end up with a dead battery. I am very much happy with ArGo and I have recommended it to friends and family!

FocusVape S Pro Premium

Amazing pen vape od Triple-A

Use this amazing pen vape with full airflow to get great cloud production. Feels cool at the throat and I get smooth clouds when I exhale. Vapor quality of the FocusVape Pro is an indication that is a top quality vape that you should be investing. Very simple and easy to use too, made easier by the LED display. None of the fancy and pretentious apps that either doesn’t work or affects the device negatively. It is manually operated but gets you where you need to go, still have custom settings that you can easily tinker with and control. Gets the job done smoothly!

Plenty Vaporizer

Top Quality od Hotshot

One of the best vaporizers I used. Had owned three vapes before I decided to invest in something as quality and as good as the Plenty. Had developed a few techniques in using my previous vapes that finding the right setting for me was easy enough. I can really say that I am very satisfied with it. Vapor quality is amazing. I enjoy the direct inhalation which makes sessions more enjoyable. Recommending this product because it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Five stars for efficiency. This is really a good investment. No complaints here, just praises and positive thoughts.

AirVape Xs

My 1st vape and really happy with it. od Mr.Vapeit

This one was my 1st vape I bought and I have to say I couldnt be more happy with it. Fast charging, battery lasts enough for one night even for group vaping. Just a small tip, buy some extra mouth pieces, really usefull if you lose some parts like me or you have a friends which would prefer their own during a night out, easily swapable. I rate this one 5/5 and I cannot wait the new X model, which is even better than this one. Definitely worth the money.

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Kompletny Zestaw

Not so goog od keimokeimo

Owen is heating just from the bottom and the base material is not allowing heating to top because it`s tin. This vapor have a small lithium battery and you can`t take it off. This vapo feels like a toy. It look nice and have a nice vibra and lights. If i can return this one, i will do it

Arizer ArGo

Outstanding od Bill Hill

The Arizer ArGo is really a stand-out and quality product! Props to Arizer for giving us yet another vaporizer that can easily trump other products currently in the market. This unit comes with the usual superb performance that I have come to expect from Arizer, except that it is now very portable and can fit at the palm of my hand! Definitely a powerhouse in a small package! It has the usual borosilicate glass mouthpieces and temperature control that is accurate and precise. For amazing flavor, convenience and efficiency, then Arizer ArGo is among the best choices you can make! This comes highly recommended!

Flowermate Aura

Great product! Great price! od Bruno

Great vaporizer! Very good price. In a brand that delivers their promises and pulls their weight easily! The Aura is imo, the best of Flowermate in one vaporizer! To top it off Magicvaporizers delivers it with the best price on the market and free shipping!

Arizer Air 2

Great portable vaporizer od Amos

I'm very satisfied with this vaporizer! I can only compare it to my first vaporizer - an Ascent from DaVinci. From my experience the Arizer Air II, is much better in many ways, compared to the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer. Some examples are, airflow is stronger, heating is faster, cleaning is easier, changeable battery, higher capacity, lower magnetic flux density. The Arizer company seem to have a good expertise where the opposite can be said about DaVinci. I'm a highly sensitive person and thus getting internal pain in my hand while using a DaVinci Ascent vaporizer, which to my surprise have a very strong electromagnetic field (EMF) when measuring the magnetic flux density (11,6 µT). While asking DaVinci about this, they couldn't tell if such a strong EMF was intentional, because as they explained - they aren't able to measure the magnetic flux density. Arizer on the other hand was able to tell me measurements on both Air (0,2 µT) and Air II (0,4 µT). Although my own measurement of Air II is higher (5,7 µT) it is still lower than from an Ascent vaporizer, which mean I can use the Air II without experiencing any pain (only a tingling feeling in the hand). For measurements I used the Gauss meter ED78S from Cornet. All in all I recommend Arizer over DaVinci and Air II for portable use.

Fenix Vaporizer

Excellent budget vaporizer. od Michal

Just to clarify, "Enhanced Mode" adds 5 degrees Celsius to whatever setting you're using. The chamber holds 0.2g of material when you pack it loosely and 0.35g if you pack it very tightly (not recommended for convection vaporizers). The vaporizer is very nice overall and provides above average quality vapor. It's easy to set up and use. Great value for money in my opinion. Battery life is good for solo use but heavily lacking for group sessions - if the manufacturer was to feature a removable battery in the next revision, it would make for a much more versatile product.

Fenix Vaporizer

Good solo vape for on-the-go vaping. od Michal

Exceptional value, however the battery capacity is way too low for a group sesh. Otherwise it does its job perfectly. I wish it came with the glass mouthpiece tip which can be found on the Puri5 Titanic 2.

Flowermate SWIFT Pro

Good vape! od Dufflon

Cool thing. Heats up fas but not as fast as the boundless but only like 10 seconds slower. But the one star deduction is the battery consumption. The convection heating is wonderful but it takes a lot of energy to keep it going. You can use it for a quick ses outdoors but remember to bring a power bank. But for casual smoking at home with a charger nearby ist fantastic!

MIGHTY Vaporizer

Best od Vega

It works brilliantly. Best of the smallest available vaporizer on the market

Arizer Air

My best vape so far od Oliver

I went throught the use of MFLB, Pinnacle Pro, Storm, Spirit by Storm and the CFC. They all get the job done, but my pick is the Arizer Air (or would be the Air 2 now I recon). The Air is very easy to clean and maintain, it has INTERCHANGEABLE batteries, what is essential if you're on the go. It has great flavour production and you can get really thick vapes if you vape on 200 Celsius or above. If you have enough batteries (I operate with 6 on a night out) and at least 2 stems with you, you can get all your friends constantly high with cooling down one stem at a time before re-packing it! It is fun! I've been doing this for over 2 years now and they still like it! LOL! My Arizer Air is up and running for over 2 years. Great quality!

Arizer Solo 2

Like michael scott it always leaves me satisfied od Nathan Highton

When I come across a vape that requires low amount of maintenance, it makes me happy. This is the reason why I have purchased the Arizer solo 2, and I must say that this is definitely a satisfaction that I would want to let all the other people have as well. It has an improved airflow over its predecessor, and you can also reliably vape for at least 20 draws on a full battery. That is more than enough to keep you in the right mood for hours. The only downside is that glass parts gets sticky easy, but if you know how to harvest the oils from them it can work to your advantage.

Arizer Solo 2

Dense vapor od Kaarle

The best thing that I can see about my Arizer solo 2 is the superior airflow over all my previous vaporizer. Moreover, the thick clouds of smoke which form at a moment’s notice is definitely a very helpful thing for people like me that appreciates a short setup time. Thevapor is filled with flavour, and is pretty hard-hitting. With a heavy duty vape like the solo2, one can honestly get the very best of vaping without having to worry about it breaking down

Arizer Solo 2

Impressive od Camillo

Good battery. Good vapor. Good vape. No complains from me. Quick support and delivery from magicvaporizers as well.

Arizer Solo 2

Impressed od Tapani

In the case that you need a pocket friendly vape with great performance, go for this one. Im baked and amazed by its performance and I have owned plenty of vapes before this one.

Magic Flight Launch Box

awesome od bgeezy

got this a few days ago...(I ordered it tuesday and it came on friday so super fast delivery!) and it is amazing. it's almost scary how well it works. The only downside are the batteries, I'm not a huge fan of that whole...thing haha but yeah it works really well, it's incredibly discrete (there is virtually no smell) and I definitely feel like I'll get my money's worth. Also the lifetime warranty thing was pretty much what convinced me to take the plunge and buy it, hey...I like security, what can I say.

DaVinci Ascent

Better then joints! od Alan

With the big OLED temperature screen as well is the battery level display in the Davinci ascent, you would be able to get all the important information regarding your vapor flavor with this vaporizer. This is extremely good and I have had the pleasure of using this vaporizer at all times without fail.

Flowermate Aura

best extraction efficiency od Albin

The new feature which has been introduced in the Flowermate aura is the airflow jets, which is 7 in number and which provides the best extraction efficiency. So if you want a vaporizer with the best of air flow and a rich and thick smoke, all you need to do is to go for purchasing the Flowermate aura.

AirVape Xs

build with the best medical products od Ahmed

Since the last six months, I have been using the AirVape XS and I am mighty pleased with the product. The cost is well within my limits, and it is also build with the best medical products. Therefore, it does not create any kind of problem other than the occasional charging issues. However, I have got my charger exchanged, which has led to no more problems now.


vaping in da office od Ahmad

Since I normally vape in my office, I need a vaporizer that will be equipped with a very quick heating time. This is why my friend suggested that I purchase the Iolite wispr 2. Since purchasing this vaporizer, it has fitted my requirements to the T and I can now enjoy the vape flowing out of the vaporizer.

Volcano Classic

Best analouge od Aleksandar

This can really be considered the best analogue vaporizer in the market but the second best when compared with the likes of its successor volcano digit. Both of them really matches in terms of the performance the only thing that has kept Digit on the advantage it is digital temperature controller. The German technology is really very good and the have used this in the vaporizer and this is the reason that the price is a bit high. The build is really solid and they have used food grade materials into it making I safe to consume the vapours. The balloon is really of great quality and using the medical grade materials has prevented the smell of rubber. The cleaning and maintenance has been really easy for me and that is one of the reasons that I love it. Really a very good product. Just go get it.

Volcano Digit

Producing A Very Thick Quality Vapor od Ahmad

While there are a lot of people looking out for a new quality of vaporizer in the market, I have settled for the volcano digit. Well, this is a good quality product, so much so because of the fact that it is professional grade, and does not have any kind of problems in producing good quality smoke without any kind of issues. It comes with the high performance heating cartridge that is wonderful in terms of producing a very thick quality vapor, and as part of the necessity of a professional grade item, it also consists of the automatic shut-off feature enable you to save a lot of money on power bills. Moreover, with the three-year warranty, this is definitely a product that you would like to use in order to take care of all your vaping needs.

Arizer Air

Portable od Alain

This has proved to be a really good and needful addition to my collection of vaporisers. It is cost effective and really does what has been written in the description. Moreover, the MV always provides with genuine stuff so there is no point in doubting them. I have owned this vaporizer for 6 months and I really feel satisfied by the performance, durability and battery backup. The vaporising unit is strong and can deliver with quality vapours for years. That means it is not only pretty also is really strong. It is easy to maintain and it is very good for people like me who consider maintenance a really big task. The batteries charge quick and provide strong operation for an hour. Charging is really easy and if you don’t get a chance to charge it up, you can readily exchange the battery with an already charged one. This is a hassle free vaporizer which must have into everyone’s collection you might not use it every time but at some point you will face a need to sue it. I highly recommend it.